darhas25 (darhas25) wrote,


I have been sick for the past week. I hate being sick, and usually act like a pill. Elizabeth has been more or less putting up with me. And still no word as far as a new job. Not what I would normally call a Merry Christmas. At least I have all of my shopping done. No going out on the day before Christmas for me this year.
Not much else going on. Been doing a lot or reading and downloading of anime. I recently read "Lamb" by Christopher Moore. It was a very good and funny book, but not for those with a huge love Christianity. It's about Jesus's life as told by his best friend, Levi who is called "Biff". Worth a read if you aren't offended.
Anime has been very good. I watched all of "Air" and cried like a little girl at the end. I have also been enjoying "Rozen Maiden".
Merry Christmas to all, and hopefully I will post again soon.
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