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A real update for once.....

Finally, what you have been waiting for, a true update.
Although, there really isn't too much to update about.
All the hassle with my car accident is pretty much gone. I got the check for the total loss value, and am now happily driving around in my 2005 Scion XA. It's Superman Blue!!! Just have to wait until it's mine, which will probably be years from now. *sigh*
Not much else going on. I had a decent birthday. Would rather just not celebrate it at all, but some people insist. So I guess I will continue to age year by year. Got strep throat last week. I am very tired of being sick. At least I have health insurance now. No more $100 prescriptions for me.
Guess that's about all for now. Thanks to all that wished me a happy birthday. Perhaps I shall post again soon... *shuffles off into the night, trips on a twinkie, and passes out*
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